With beach season lasting all year, it’s no wonder South Florida offers such an active, healthy and wellness-focused lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to work up a sweat or unwind with an “om,” here are some of our favorite places to get fit in and around Miami.

RISE NATION - One of several studios in the Rise Nation collection, this Miami hotspot follows the methods of founder and L.A. trainer Jason Walsh. After training countless clients with past injuries, Jason developed Rise Nation climbing routines to deliver results with very low risk. Here, it’s all about the climb, a motion the human body naturally makes and engages all major muscle groups with zero impact. The workout incorporates the Versaclimber, which doesn’t retain momentum, meaning you earn EVERY vertical foot. Custom-lit ceiling installations coordinate with your workout and the beat while you climb, climb, climb away. 

SOL YOGA - Hot Yoga is all the rage, but at SOL Yoga, infrared heat is used to gently warm the body. This specialized form of heat goes beyond traditional hot yoga, according to the studio. Unlike forced hot air, it is comprised of invisible waves of energy emitted from specialized panels. It is meant to penetrate beyond the skin to reach internal organs, helping flush and release toxins, fat and impurities from the cells and blood stream. The open, airy Miami studio offers a calming feel and a wide variety of yoga and pilates classes. 

BARRY’S BOOTCAMP - Situated in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood, Barry’s Bootcamp has become a global destination, offering a club-like atmosphere extremely well suited for its Miami Beach location. Classes in the Red Room claim to torch up to 1,000 calories, offering high-intensity interval training set to carefully curated playlists that encourage you to “sprint faster and lift heavier.” After class, hit up the Fuel Bar, Barry’s in-house hub for health and wellness. 

ANATOMY - This Miami Beach studio is the result of a collaboration between fitness, sports science and nightlife veterans, with proprietary fitness programming providing an intimate and integrated health and wellness offering. Members can sweat, unwind and recover all under one roof. Offerings include personal training, Pilates and group classes such as DanceBody, Metabolic Meltdown, HardCORE, Glute Camp and more. A VitaSquad mobile vitamin infusion service offers vitamin cocktails administered by nurses, while a recovery area offers both warm and cold therapies. 

EDEN ROC - The spacious Esencia Fitness center at the Nobu Hotel at Eden Roc in Miami Beach features fantastic ocean views, state-of-the-art equipment, group classes and personalized instruction. Not just for hotel guests, 4525 Members enjoy offerings like Yin Stretch Yoga, Surf-Up Yoga, Barreless Barre and HIIT Circuits all steps from the beach.