The Agency joined forces with Giveback Homes in Park City, Utah and Culver City, California to help construct residences for two families in need. Giveback Homes is an organization comprised of real estate professionals who help fund and build homes for families and individuals around the globe, from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago and Houston to villages in Nicaragua. Since its founding in 2013, the organization has mobilized teams of volunteer homebuilders and spearheaded fundraising events to support the construction of permanent housing for those in need. 

In Park City, Utah, local agents and CEO and Founder Mauricio Umansky grabbed saws, nails and hammers and helped raise the framework for an all-new home for a mother of two. The home is one of two single-family residences that are part of the Silver Creek Development, which, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, will later include a total of 330 affordable residences in the master-planned community of 1,300 energy-efficient homes and townhomes.

“It feels fantastic to be a part of such a life-changing moment in these people’s lives,” said Mauricio. “This home marks a new, brighter chapter for this family. And I love seeing so many of our team members here helping out.” 

A few weeks later, agents from around the Southern California region united behind paint brushes and tape measures to construct a home for a veteran and single father in Culver City. The development features six detached single-family homes and four attached single-family residences.  

To support Giveback Homes’ construction of these new residences, The Agency team raised funds through events at SHOREbar and a Bunda workout class. 

“I loved seeing so many of our SoCal agents and staff come together for this build day,” said Sandro Dazzan. “Together, we made so much progress on this home! It’s such an amazing feeling, and it reminds us all of the importance of giving back, and to be grateful for what we have.”