Dos and Don’ts of Home Renovation in Park City

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

While the results are almost always a grand improvement (and worth every stressful moment), the process of rehabbing a property is a true challenge. Here, we’ve shared a few of our favorite tips to ensure your “after” hits all the marks. 

Don't Ignore Safety - When things around a project space get hectic, safety can get sidelined. Be mindful of overloading outlets, turning off breakers and (if you’re the one doing the demo-ing) always wearing proper protection for eyes, hands and feet. Some effort at the start will save you time and can prevent all manner of mishaps. 

Do Get Realistic About Costs - Take Martha Stewart’s advice and brace your budget—expect everything to cost about 30% more and take 25% longer than you initially expected.

Do Stock Up on Helpful Small Items - The renovation process is hard enough—to alleviate some stress, make a stockpile of helpful items like painter’s tape, rolling storage containers (for items you might have to briefly move out of a room or cabinets) and furniture moving buffers (like EZ Glides). 

Get a Real Pro - Make every effort to vet the contractors you choose. Check licenses and be sure professionals take care of vital systems like electricity and plumbing. HGTV notes that many states also require contractors to have a license or state certification, so be sure to verify it before committing to a service. 

Get Necessary Building Permits - Save yourself a headache later—find out the rules and regulations for building permits, codes and inspections before you start any remodeling project.

Stick to the Plan (As Much As You Can) - While changing your mind on a certain material or item is inevitable, just be warned—a switch will result in a change order, which can add cost. Houzz notes that while shifts in decisions are inevitable, it’s important to understand the price in both time and money. 

Do Get Out of the House - Many people choose to live at home during a renovation, in large part to cut costs. Houzz also advises that if you can’t move out for the whole job, do try to plan for some time away, or just maintain a clean, comfortable place within your home to retreat to amidst the construction chaos.

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