How to Spruce Up Your Pasadena Home for a Spring Sale

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

As the weather heats up, so too does the real estate market. In the spring, buyers venture out to explore the latest offerings—it’s an ideal moment to make certain your home is looking (and smelling) its best. Here, we’ve shared a few of our favorite tips for making any home sparkle, whether looking to put your home on the market or to polish it up for a new season. 

Have a Home Checkup
Hire a professional inspector to point out any hiccups, quirks or problems potential buyers will notice. Go through room by room and make a list. If there are notes about more expensive items—like a new roof or windows—get estimates from pros and share those with your real estate agent (this info can come in handy during buying negotiations). Whether you want to sell or just want to be sure your space is in top form for spring, this step will surely be informative.

Hang Colorful Kitchen Towels
This quick and easy switch can add some punch to the busiest room in the house. Forbes recommends changing up tea towels with every new season.  

Use a Garden Urn Indoors
Unexpected? Yes. Stylish? Absolutely. Bringing a small Grecian or Roman-inspired concrete urn  (with a lush leafy plant) indoors can add the perfect amount of elegance and greenery to a room. Set the urn on a bedroom nightstand, dresser or living room side table. 

Reorganize Your Closets
Spring just isn’t spring without a closet clean-out. In addition to helping showcase storage potential (and maybe boost a home’s value), a closet clean-up will help streamline day to day living. Tackle the space one section at a time, and focus on one action point each round—one step can be pulling items to give away, the next can be organizing remaining items by color or type.  

Bring in Fresh Scents 
Consider crafting a unique smellscape (it’s a real thing) in different areas of your home. Set up a diffuser with peppermint essential oil near the kitchen, and opt for candles with scented citrus or woodsy scents in the bedrooms or living areas.



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