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7 Trending Articles in NYC: August 1st

by | Aug 5, 2016

Happy Friday! Here’s the scoop on the New York real estate world this week.

The Week: August 1 – 5

In this week in the real estate world, we see inequality based on Instagram pictures, 5 NYC apartments with amazing (yet affordable) outdoor space, and an ice cream protest.

What our Instagram habits reveal about inequality in NYC

Everyone enjoys taking pictures; hence, the huge popularity of Instagram. Take a pretty picture of yourself, your food, or the outside world and share it for everyone to see. However, one researcher realized how New Yorkers tend to ONLY take pictures of the same areas while disregarding the rest of New York. Deemed Inequaligram, find out what areas are the most popular and why.

New York City rent comparison: What $1,500 gets in Brooklyn2

While $1,500 is a moderately low budget for New York apartments, it is entirely possible to find a beautiful home. Focusing in on Brooklyn, choose your favorite. Do you enjoy wide open spaces, beautiful views, modern appliances, or a mixture of all three? Find out in this article.

Sad! Trump Taj Mahal to close after Labor Day: owners3

Unfortunately, for the Trump Taj Mahal casino owners, it will be closing after Labor Day. Due to disputes with employees and company heads leading to a strike, the company that owns the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City has decided to simply shut down all operations. Find out more here!

Summer sizzle: Cool down by a pool or heat up the grill?4

The all time debate: should you build a pool or a barbecue area? Since the beginning of time, many New Yorkers have been wondering which would be better during a hot day. This article tasks 5 New Yorkers; find out the ultimate decision here.

5 NYC apartments with glorious outdoor space asking less than $1M5

Outdoor space is a prized possession for all New Yorkers. Many have had dreams of enjoying their own private garden or terrace on a hot summer day while drinking iced tea (okay, maybe that’s just me). However, the dream could be obtainable! For those shelling out $1M, here are 5 NYC apartments with amazing outdoor space.

Ice cream wars: Tenants protest free Ben & Jerry’s from Raphael Toledano


While I (and many others I’m sure) love ice cream, it, unfortunately, did not appease the tenants at 325 East 12th Street when their gas was shut off for about 2 months. Not shockingly, though, the tenants began protesting the free ice cream. Find out more details here!

7 fashionable room dividers that’ll turn one room into two7

Many of us have had roommates. Sometimes the rent may be a little too high, so subletting is the best option; that’s where room dividers come in. Here are some great room dividers to split one room into a fashionable two room unit.



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