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8 Questions To Ask Before Signing On The Dotted

by | Sep 15, 2014

Finding the right apartment can be stressful (but not with TripleMint!). Keeping a checklist of questions to ask before renting can help you stay organized and confident that you’re making the right decision. Decide ahead of time what your needs and wants are, and tell your broker right away to ensure a transparent and efficient search process!

Here are eight questions to ask yourself, or your broker, throughout the rental process to make sure you’re finding the right new home!

header1. Will my bed fit? It sounds silly, but bring a tape measure and make sure you can count sheep without having to buy a new bed!

2. What utilities are included? Know your budget ahead of time and make sure to factor in any utilities that are not included in your rent.

3. How many closets does the apartment have? Figure out how much storage space your apartment has so you know what you need to stay organized.

4. How long is my commute? You do it almost every day, so make sure you can get to work on time!

5. Where is the closest grocery store? Have a plan to get food and keep your new fridge stocked and ready for dinner.

6. Do I have any friends close by? Understand the neighborhood in which you are looking and what life there will be like.

7. Are there good restaurants nearby? So two questions on food might be overkill, but goods eats is key in finding a great spot!

8. How busy is the street around my apartment? Know how much hustle and bustle will be going on around your apartment and make sure it fits your lifestyle.  

Keep these questions in mind during your search and don’t hesitate to discuss them with your TripleMint broker. Take the stress out of your next move!

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