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Apartment Hunting with Gigi and Zayn

by | Jan 20, 2016

Paparazzi captured trendsetting model Gigi Hadihttps://www.theagencyre.com/?utm_source=Julep&utm_medium=BannerAd&utm_campaign=OtherListingsSellingAptd and former boy wonder Zayn Malik scouring NYC for a swanky new apartment. While some sources claim the couple aren’t shacking up, we like to think they are. So we decided to throw our weight into the race, asking members of the TripleMint team where they think this A-list couple should live.

Tribeca: Known as one of the hottest (and most expensive) neighborhoods in New York, Tribeca is a hub for families, artists and financial professionals. Celebrities looking for a break from hustling paparazzi and adoring fans will appreciate the (relative) calmness and serenity of this family dominated neighborhood. Of course, the fact that Taylor Swift also lives in the neighborhood is just a cherry on top. We recommend this gorgeous three bed, 3.5 bath condo (our personal favorite). Seriously, we can’t get enough of it! Sixteen oversized windows, 10 foot ceilings and a garden courtyard? Someone, please buy this for us. Zayn and Gigi, if we were you we would snatch this beauty in a heartbeat. 

Soho: The destination location. This neighborhood is lively, dynamic and full of tourists. And it’s foodie heaven. Soho is overflowing with boutique eateries crowding the picturesque cobblestone streets. For a hot, young couple looking for a neighborhood bursting with bohemian vibes and creative outlets, Soho is perfect. While the tourists may be a celebrity turn-off, Soho is still the center for the young and hip. But forget the neighborhood for a second and start drooling over this condo!  Oh my god. The idea that Zayn and Gigi could even buy this condo makes me want to start my own boy band or strut the runway. Wait. That’s everybody’s dream.

Long Island City: Known as one of the hippest neighborhoods in Queens, Long Island City is the perfect getaway for jaded celebrities who need a reprieve from public scrutiny. Yes, we’re serious. The young professionals living here love to drop the words cultural diversity when they talk about LIC. And  Manhattan is just a short train ride away.  This may seem like an unconventional choice, but if you’re Gigi and you need to escape stalkers, it’s a hip, low-key alternative to Manhattan. Plus, you get more space for your buck. This condo has sprawling rooms and top of the line appliances. As an added bonus, this building includes a zen garden and furnished roof top.

All jokes aside, Zayn, Gigi and all struggling apartment hunters: we hope your search is going well. New York is home to so many vibrant neighborhoods — many not mentioned here. The team at TripleMint is well versed in the New York City market and can help you navigate those neighborhoods Just ONE more DIRECTION for you to take in your search for a new place. (Get it?)

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