Members of The Agency Scottsdale gathered together for a productive build day in Phoenix with Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity, where they built two homes for local families in the community. The top-notch team included Jade Izzett, Jeff Gritzmacher, Samara Pohlmeyer, Patricia Gillespie, Siena Dorsey, Shannon Ellermann, Jamie Harvey, Luis Gonzalez, Michael Chiovari, Hanifah BrownMarilyn Cavanaugh, Jim Cavanaugh, Wendy Walker, Roxanne Johnson, Wesley Bender, Brittany Burghgraef, Torrey Daniels, Tanner Riordan, Shirley Desear, Adrian Heyman, Abbie Knowles, Kristin Oas, Lynsie Olsen, Kristen Petronio, Michelle Sarocka, Cyn Silva, Debbie Sinani, Andrea SteinigerEricka Lassiter, Nicole Kobrinsky, David Pullon and Makenzie Green. Together, they spent the action-packed day touching up paint, grading, and preparing the homes for the families to move in. And the two families couldn’t be more excited to embark on the next chapter of their lives in these beautiful new homes.

Miriam, Aaliyah & Emma

Miriam and her two daughters, Aaliyah and Emma, ages 14 and 7, are thrilled to step into their new home. Miriam works from home in the client services department of a health insurance company. Aaliyah and Emma are great students, always encouraged by their mother to do their best. Aaliyah aspires to become a doctor and Emma wants to grow up to be an artist. The family enjoys going to the community center, hiking, going to church on Sunday, reading together and playing in their backyard. Miriam is looking forward to having her own washer and dryer and a home to create new memories and carry on family traditions like making tamales at Christmas. The girls are excited to have their own rooms and a safe backyard to play in. For Miriam, being able to offer her family the best life possible is everything.

Dre, Mireya & Winona

Dre, Mireya and their daughter Winona will have the keys to the second home! Having recently started a family during a tumultuous time, they are seeking a better future for their family. The couple loves hiking together, visiting museums and the zoo, and spending time with little Winona's grandparents. With the pandemic making these activities harder, their small living space had become a challenge. They currently live in a costly one-bedroom apartment and know that Winona will need more space as she grows. This housing opportunity is an investment in their future as a family and they are excited to watch Winona grow in a healthy environment, hoping that her imagination, love for reading and love for the outdoors continues to blossom. Mireya is looking forward to cooking in her own kitchen and having dinner as a family. They are also looking forward to having more quality time with their extended family.

You can find out more about The Agency’s work with Giveback Homes and get involved here