The Agency is proud to unveil our first annual Red Paper, a deep dive into our real estate markets across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. While we were challenged like never before, as individuals and as a company, we came together in 2020 to do what we do best—serve each other, our clients and our communities. In preparing our annual report, one common sentiment was shared among our global offices about the year gone by. In 2020, buyers and sellers seized the day.

The Red Paper reveals record-level activity across North America, despite the global rise of COVID-19, and significant trends that will impact the market for years to come. Looking forward, The Red Paper notes international buyers who left the market in 2020 will return toward the end of the year, while last year’s pent up demand will result in very tight inventory across the board.

Highlights from The Red Paper include:

- The Rapid Evolution of Social Media Sales

- Pent-Up Demand and Limited Inventory

- Lifestyle-Driven Real Estate Transactions

- A Mass Movement to Purchase in Second-Home Markets

- Hot Competition for First-time Homebuyers

- The Future of the Condo

- The Appeal of the Gated Community

Join The Agency to uncover the dramatic shifts in home-buying trends and what to expect in the year ahead. Carpe Diem. READ THE RED PAPER