Dreaming of the warm Caribbean waters, powder white sand, and some of the most exquisite real estate in the world? Look no further than the pages of the newly launched digital magazine from The Agency Turks & Caicos. The publication covers topics such as the top reasons to live in Turks & Caicos and what to know before buying—it also features some of their gorgeous listings, which are sure to capture your imagination and transport you to unbelievable paradises.

Turks & Caicos offers the perfect socially distanced lifestyle with endless stretches of pristine beaches and warm Caribbean waters to explore. Our agents aren’t having a dull moment, serving clients around the world while breaking sales records. In 2020, the team further established its position as a market leader, upping their new listings by 29% and closing 20% more transactions than in 2019. The Turks & Caicos office is now the number three listing and production brokerage in the island archipelago, offering stunning listings, such as the exquisite Penthouse 1502 Wymara.

Sean O’Neill, Managing Director of The Agency Turks & Caicos, writes an introduction on the topic of the new normal and what the 2021 real estate market has in store: “We have started 2021 in a booming real estate market,” notes Sean. “The sleeping giants in the Canadian market have awoken from their slumber, and they are ready to pounce with more purchasers relying upon virtual tours and video walk-throughs before proceeding to purchase properties. As a result, we continue to see inventory decline across Providenciales.”

The magazine reveals the top reasons to live in Turks & Caicos, including tax-friendly status, anything over ten minutes is a long drive, and the convenient international airport. Oh, and only sandals are necessary. Need we say more?

To learn more about Turks & Caicos and view some real estate eye candy, check out the full digital magazine here.