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House of Rolison Re-Envisions History Within 2350 Hollyridge Drive

by | Sep 19, 2023

Welcome to House of Rolison

L.A.-based development firm House of Rolison executes avant-garde and innovative housing projects, seamlessly transforming places into real living spaces, thanks to their multidisciplinary and experienced team. Amanda Leigh and Taylor Hahn are the visionaries and managing partners behind the company, collaborating on 12–15 homes a year, using all-natural stone, no plastic and imported and natural materials—a dedication to quality that makes their work stand out. Their latest project is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and now it’s hit the market, represented by The Agency’s own Farrah Brittany

“This is definitely a home you can’t get anywhere else,” said Farrah. “Homeowners are not only going to love the aesthetics but also the functionality and flow of the home.”

Chic living room with modern furniture and chandelier.

While the home is art itself, it’s also been home to Hollywood artists. Screenwriter Malcolm Marmorstein was the previous owner (writer of Return From Witch Mountain and many other films) and the neighborhood has been an enclave for actors, musicians and artists. 

Moody green dining room with French doors and wall panels.

Re-Envisioning 2350 Hollyridge Drive

“We purchased this early 1900s Spanish Revival home in early 2023, and have been thoughtful in our process of giving it a new life while also cherishing those features that make it so special,” said Amanda.

Comfortable living area with French doors and modern modular couch seating.

Indeed, the house is poised in the hills with incredible views of downtown. They gave the exterior a full facelift, re-stuccoing the house, welcoming guests with a 10-foot custom fountain, and installing Mediterranean-inspired landscaping and a custom cedar garage door. The team also extended and widened the driveway and gated the property. They created a backyard haven with seating and a fire pit surrounded by historic oak trees.



“The home had a strange layout,” noted Taylor. “There was no true primary suite or powder room. The ceiling heights were low and lighting was a hodgepodge. Plus, there were two kitchens and lots of dead space. So, we reconfigured the space to meet the needs of the modern homeowner. We did a full rewire and repipe of the home, removed the old plaster and brought in gorgeous materials like limestone, marble, custom sinks and custom cabinetry. The home now has a complete water filtration system in place so you can drink right out of the faucets.

Custom kitchen with oak cabintery and brass fixtures.

New oak flooring was added and they found doors to match the original. The bar (complete with a bottle chiller) includes a ceiling imported from Italy and the entire kitchen was custom-designed. They stripped and refinished the wood-beamed ceiling, a feature that truly shines. 

Elegant bar area with stool seating.

“We didn’t want this property to lose its soul, so we intentionally baked the warmth into the finishes and materials so it would naturally be comfortable and alluring. The 1930s touches were what we loved most, so we worked closely with revival antiques to find perfect pieces for the interior and exterior. You’ll find lots of texture in the home—white leather marble countertops, oak, brass, black marble. It all comes together and creates a soothing feel. You just feel at peace in the home.”


Additionally, they put in a panic room under the primary suite that you enter through a secret hatch in the floor. Who doesn’t love a secret passageway?

The enchanting seating area with uplighting beneath the historic oak tree.

2350 Hollyridge Drive is listed for $4,750,000, listed by Farrah Brittany. Learn more about the listing here

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