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Living at The Manor – A Conversation with David Parnes & Sam Palmer

by | May 26, 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in one of the most famous homes in the world? In an exclusive Instagram live interview with Sam Palmer—who previously resided in The Manor with his fiancé Petra Ecclestone—David Parnes found out. During the live session, which can be viewed on @DavidBondSt, the pair discuss the famous property and what it was like when Sam called it home.

Designed in the early 1990’s for entertainment royalty Aaron and Candy Spelling, the legendary French chateau-style mansion is recognized as one of the largest residential homes in L.A. County, and also among the largest single-family homes in the U.S. 

Spanning more than 56,500 square feet, Sam says it’s not the size of the home that made the family happy, rather it was all the great memories made there. Among them, proposing to Petra and sharing many a happy Christmas.

Additionally, the idea for a home staffing company was born due to life at The Manor. Sam notes that his latest business venture—Staffing Properties—came to fruition as the family needed to find the very best team to manage a home the size of a hotel. Marrying the idea and his staffing background, Sam now runs the thriving business to help those in need curate and assemble a top-performing arsenal staff at a reasonable price.

The home, which David and business partner James Harris represented and sold for $119.75 million in 2019, was renovated by Petra in just 12 weeks after she purchased it from the Spellings. To accomplish such a feat, Sam explains that designer and builder Gavin Brodin split the home into seven sections and had as many teams working on each portion of the home.

Once remodeled, Sam says not every room in the home was utilized, but some of the favorites included the bowling alley, bar, tennis court, and the driveway. Sam says the driveway—a circular, cobblestone motor court that accommodates parking for 100 cars—reminds him of Disneyland. Yet while it is so grand, both Sam and David note how functional and livable it is.The home is used to a headline or two. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a commemorative plaque from when Prince Charles and Princess Diana stayed there in the 1990’s, and other noteworthy guests included Prince Rainier and Jackie Kennedy.

To find out more about what life was like inside The Manor and why the couple decided to sell, view the interview here.  

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