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Pre-Order Mauricio Umansky’s New Book The Dealmaker Hitting Shelves in April

by | Mar 15, 2023

The Agency Founder and CEO Mauricio Umansky is coming to bookshelves near you! His new book, “The Dealmaker,” arrives in April, mixing business advice with Mauricio’s personal story, from the challenges of his childhood to outgrowing his father’s textile company. The story covers his falling out with brother-in-law Rick Hilton, raising a family and maintaining a strong marriage to his wife, Kyle Richards, for over 26 years. Fans of Mauricio and his wife can pre-order now to get their hands on a copy of “The Dealmaker.” 

Mauricio also reveals his approach to some of the most challenging times. “Mindset is something that is very important to me,” he explains. “Since mindfulness has played an important role in the success of my career as an entrepreneur, in my book, I focus on the daily obstacles we all experience and look at how we all can deal with them to move forward. I think that this is a book that’s real. It’s unfiltered.”

“So far, I have been fortunate to live a life full of incredible insights and meaningful lessons,” Mauricio says. “I wear many hats every day—as a father, husband, CEO and real estate agent, to name a few. While I often share these lessons with colleagues, family and friends, this book allows me the rare opportunity to share all I’ve learned over the years with a larger audience.”

For those looking for inspiration, riveting stories, and an inside look at Mauricio’s highs and lows of business in their next read, they can pre-order a copy of “The Dealmaker” here.

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