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SoHo NYC: 2019 Neighborhood Guide

by | Jul 16, 2019

History of SoHo

SoHo, short for “South of Houston Street”, is a district in downtown Manhattan widely known for its variety of shops and stores ranging from designer boutiques to trendy retail chain stores. Its elegant cast-iron architecture and cobblestone streets make it the perfect neighborhood for those looking to fulfill their dream of living in the Big Apple. But before SoHo came to be what it is today, it was a completely different world.

Prior to becoming a collection of iron-clad buildings, SoHo used to be a lush green farmland. By the early 19th century, the area had been urbanized and transformed into a prosperous neighborhood. SoHo rapidly developed and it became increasingly middle class with more businesses moving to the neighborhood.

Today, SoHo is one of the top shopping destinations in New York City. Although the area has been modernized, the buildings and streets still remind us of its history and make the area a charming place to live.

The Vibe of SoHo

Did you know that SoHo has the world’s largest collection of cast-iron buildings? The idea of cast-iron architecture became widely popular during the industrial revolution due to the fact that it has many advantages over wood and masonry.

Today, SoHo’s loft-style apartments, historic cast-iron architecture, and cobbled streets give the neighborhood a unique touch and make the vibe both classic and modern.

Unique Features of SoHo

SoHo’s most unique feature is its architectural buildings and cobbled style streets. Triplemint agent, Kemba Buchanan describes SoHo as “the stomping grounds for all things cool, chic, and trendy, and a scene where street style, people watching, and beautiful architecture collide.”

Because of the unique look of the neighborhood, many Instagrammers and producers will do photoshoots and film on the streets of SoHo. You might even find yourself bumping into a celebrity!

SoHo is also near some of the most popular neighborhoods in NYC. Chinatown, Little Italy and the East Village are all close by, so you’ll never run out of things to do or places to explore!

Things to do in SoHo

If you enjoy shopping as much as we do, SoHo is the place to be. Broadway is one of the most well-known streets of SoHo where there are tons of stores to browse. You can find many privately owned shops selling creative hand-crafted products, as well as big-name stores such as:

  • Topshop – 478 Broadway
  • Adidas – 115 Spring Street
  • Louis Vuitton – 116 Greene Street
  • Nike – 529 Broadway
  • Levi’s – 495 Broadway
  • Bloomingdale’s – 504 Broadway
  • Urban Outfitters – 628 Broadway

If you’re interested in art, SoHo is also home to many innovative art galleries that you can visit! Some of the best ones include:

  • Eden Fine Art Gallery – 470 Broome Street
  • LUMAS – 474 West Broadway
  • Morrison Hotel Gallery – 116 Prince Street
  • Soho Photo Gallery – 15 White Street

Top Food Choices in SoHo

  • Balthazar Restaurant: This romantic brasserie serves traditional French cuisine from breakfast to dinner, making it the perfect spot to take your date or your family out for a classic French meal! They also offer brunch on the weekends, with both sweet and savory dishes to indulge in.
  • La Esquina: If you’re looking for a good taco spot, you should definitely try this SoHo staple. There is a secret dining room/bar downstairs, giving this place a unique feel where you can feast on quesadillas, tacos, salads and more!
  • Pinch Chinese: Craving Chinese food? Pinch Chinese is known for its traditional soup dumplings that come in pork, seafood, or chicken. The spicy wontons with their “house crack sauce” are also a must-try!

Top Things We Love About SoHo

  1. The Shopping: The abundance of store to shop at in SoHo make it the perfect place to spend an afternoon.
  2. Variety of Food: There’s an abundance of food choices in SoHo whether you’re looking for a healthy meal or a drool-worthy dish.
  3. The Aesthetic: The classic and modern touches in SoHo make it a unique NYC neighborhood that’s perfect for photoshoots!

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