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Blog_ArchWiel Arets Architects (WAA) has won a major competition in Munich with their design of four mixed-use towers to be built next to Hirschgarten Station, which opened in 2009. The development project goes by the name of “Am Hirschgarten.”

The interior courtyard of each horseshoe-shaped tower is offset from surrounding public spaces by a stand-alone pergola, which together serve to offer a buffer zone between public and private areas.

The towers’ exteriors are made up of concrete panels with an ornamental, reflective “surface-texture relief,” intended to blend the entire development with its environment by allowing the buildings to subtly mirror the tactile qualities of their immediate surroundings. All parking garages are hidden from view underground, and

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icechapel5To stay in accommodations carved out of ice, you usually have to travel all the way to Sweden or Norway. North America has its very own ice hotel, however, and it’s a doozy: the Hotel de Glace, in Quebec City.

With 44 cold rooms and suites to choose from – starting at $199 and running to roughly $725 US per night – this is a proper hotel, not just one or two rooms carved in ice. It is created out of 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice, and remade each year. Rooms feature 19-foot ceilings, most of the furniture is carved out of ice blocks, and there are of numerous rugs, blankets, sleeping bags, animal furs, and more to keep visitors warm. Rooms also feature fireplaces and custom ice sculptures. Many of the walls are carved with elaborate winter

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The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has awarded their coveted 10 Year Award to Deutsche Post Tower, the sheer, glass-dagger bank building in Bonn, Germany.


Designed by Murphy/Jahn, the 163-meter tall Post Tower set the trend in contemporary high-rises when it was completed in 2002, introducing high performance design elements to create efficient, pleasant and aesthetically-innovative office environments. It was described as “an early touchstone for sustainable tower design,” by the Awards Jury Chair Jeanne Gang. CTBUH’s 10 Year Award speaks to the building’s proven value and performance over a period of 10 years since its completion – and is a testament to its enduring design.

Composed of two elliptical structures that wrap

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For this edition of our Eye On Architecture series, we travel down under to the coastal city of Sydney where one home’s design leaves you wondering how far you would go for uninterrupted ocean views.

The “Cliff House," as it is known, not only sounds like the title of a terrifying thriller but plays upon the fear of heights by literally hanging off the side of a cliff. Daring and bold, the idea for the home was inspired by a nautical fascination for the way barnacles cling to a ship’s hull. There to conceptualize plans was the team at Australian design firm Modscape, whose modules can be used to create a huge variety of configurations to suit any space.

modscape2The idea would be to create the five-story house using a series of modular sections that can be

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1.816_Garden-Bridge-view-D_CREDIT_Arup-1400x923Thomas Heatherwick is an architect who doesn’t shy away from controversy. His innovative London Garden Bridge proposal and a $75 million public art piece and park for the Hudson Development in NYC both generated a lot of attention and discussion. Now, the British designer and architect is expanding his international reputation with two exhibitions that will tour the United States and East Asia beginning next month.

The US exhibition, titled “Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio” will begin in Dallas, then move to Los Angeles (at The Hammer), and conclude in New York in October 2015. The Asia exhibit is still being finalized, but it is thought it will begin in Singapore in Spring 2015.

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Worlds-Most-Expensive-Tour-Odeon-Penthouse-in-Monaco-For-250-Million-1They say Monaco is the playground of billionaires, and this recent addition to the urban architecture will only add to that reputation. The exclusive Tour Odeon, set to finish construction next month, is one the most expensive luxury high-rises in the world. Its Tower Sky Penthouse, occupying five stories and some 35,500 square feet, is priced at a jaw-dropping $387 million. How’s that for lavish?

Worlds-Most-Expensive-Tour-Odeon-Penthouse-in-Monaco-For-250-Million-14At 170 meters high, Tour Odeon will be the second tallest building on Europe's Mediterranean coast, after Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm, Spain. The 50-story luxury residential building was designed by architect Alexandre Girald, with interior design by Alberto Pinto Agency. The developer, Groupe Marzocco, hired Vinci Construction to build the eye-catching tower

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53c17091c07a80aa89000013_rare-frank-lloyd-wright-gas-station-brought-to-life_flw3-530x353The Buffalo Pierce-Arrow Museum in New York has brought one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s more imaginative conceptual projects to life. Wright’s unbuilt gas station was originally designed in 1927 for his Broadacre City project (also unbuilt). A defining influence of Wright’s imagined city was the automobile. Wright therefore designed this gas station to convey the same impressive architecture that a temple, municipal building, or other more traditional architectural building might.

The gas station installation, which is housed is a beautiful glass and steel atrium, was made possible by a $6.3 million 53c17094c07a8099e1000017_rare-frank-lloyd-wright-gas-station-brought-to-life_flw2grant from New York State. The salmon-colored concrete structure has a whole lot more amenities and luxuries than we’re accustomed to at gas stations today. It

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wilhelm-leuschnerThis eye-catching, 420 foot long, 60 foot wide station concourse was awarded the city of Leipzig's architecture award earlier this year. Designed by Swiss architect Max Dudler, it's part of a new railway tunnel scheme that sees four new stations created by four different architects – at a price tag of almost one billion Euros. The German subway station opened just before Christmas.

“All functions such as seating, timetables and ticket machines have, in a sense, been subtracted from or carved out of the concrete cubes,” Dudler has said. "The seemingly endless repetition of the same element in the course of the slightly curved, light-filled hall increases the sensation of the dimensions of this already large structure.”

The metal grid formation of

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Mirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_0This week we take you to a unique house embedded within the rocky Greek island of Tinos — though on first glance, you might not even see it. This is because, when looking out across the blue vastness of the Aegean Sea, you almost don't detect anything at all resembling four walls and a roof.

Called the “Mirage House”, this dwelling was always intended to be an “invisible oasis” where residents could enjoy panoramic views without giving up any privacy. Designed by Kois Associated Architects, this stunning display of architecture usesMirage-by-Kois-Associated-Architects_dezeen_784_3 a rooftop pool as a means for both shelter and camouflage. “The living space is covered by a rimless pool that produces a visual effect of the water extending to the horizon, vanishing and merging with the seascape,” the

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52afe3d8e8e44e1c91000060_helsinki-university-main-library-anttinen-oiva-architects_copy__an38920_copiaThe largest academic library in Finland, Helsinki University’s Main Library is located in in the very heart of the historic capital’s city center. Built by Anttinen Oiva Architects and completed in 2012, the library was designed to offer a wide range of services to a large body of patrons, and it merges function with an incredible design both interior and exterior.

“Helsinki University’s Museum is a particularly interesting dichotomy,” notes Billy Rose, President and Co-founder of The Agency. “It nestles into the community as if it were long-standing, and yet it is also overtly contemporary. The brick façade stands in contrast to (and yet complements) the perforations in its skin.”


The new library building fits in with Helsinki’s traditional brick

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