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In real estate, there are “wow” properties, and there are properties that transform and inspire, redefining the meaning of home in the 21st century. When it comes to marketing a property like 1251 Shadow Hill Way, a cutting-edge contemporary estate in Beverly Hills, The Agency pulls out all the stops.

In a premier location two minutes from The Beverly Hills Hotel, the ultra-modern, 11,073-square-foot residence boasts a crescent-shaped, 110-foot infinity pool, home theater, and sweeping views from Downtown and the Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Inside, the home is outfitted with future-forward features that would put James Bond’s London flat to shame, including black glass doors outfitted with biometric technology, walls of marble and amethyst, and

With innovation and sustainability at the heart of The Agency’s Green Week, the Tesla Powerwall tops our list of energy-efficient, design-savvy technology for a mindful lifestyle.  Whether cooling your Calabasas compound in the summer or getting your Beverly Hills estate off the grid entirely, the Powerwall’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes energy conservation virtually effortless.

According to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, the problem with existing batteries, “is that they suck.”  However, unlike competing products, which are bulky, unreliable, and expensive, Tesla’s Powerwall (much like the Model S) is both sleek and efficient.  It mounts easily to an existing wall and is fully automated, requiring zero maintenance for busy homeowners.  In


The Agency was proud to partner this week with one of the world’s most innovative companies paving the way for the future of sustainability—Tesla Motors. As part of our first annual “Green Week” initiative, The Agency hosted a very special carpool event on Tuesday featuring six Tesla Model S sedans, the world’s first premium electric sedan.

Our real estate agents traveled by caravan to different open houses showcasing luxury properties for sale across the L.A. area. The Agency then invited our clients to drop by our Beverly Hills headquarters to test drive a Tesla Model S P85D. The model offers “supercar acceleration”, also known as  “Insane Mode,” which is 50 percent more powerful than Sport mode. That translates to 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

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