Life and business are just more fun if you’re continually learning, growing and pushing yourself to meet your goals. Now, The Agency University is helping our global network of agents do just that, providing resources from new agent training to ongoing education and business coaching every step of the way. We focus on inspiring and elevating one another throughout each phase of our agents’ careers.

The Agency University offers a variety of training videos, webinars and workshops, along with recorded events and meetings held by staff members and agents. In addition to on-demand learning resources, live trainings will also take place on the platform. Everything is designed to accelerate our agents’ success and provide them with the full training support they need to meet their potential. From email marketing and client management to listing presentations and personal branding, there are plenty of topics to explore, no matter your experience level. And don’t worry—we’ll keep it fresh and interesting with a constant flow of new content.

Training and educating our agents is what made us who we are. So, where do you find this treasure trove of professional development? The Agency Connect is your one-stop-shop of course.