Good things come in threes—and The Agency’s most recent build day series certainly did. In partnership with Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity, our L.A. agent community came together to build homes for families in Long Beach. The busy group completed priming and painting two homes, part of a ten-home affordable housing development in Long Beach’s Washington neighborhood. Hundreds of hard-working families have applied to purchase these homes, many being local teachers, single parents, veterans, or families with members who have physical disabilities.

It was a big three days for many reasons, including that it was Habitat for Humanity’s 1,000th home built, rehabbed or repaired. The Agency had the honor to be alongside them for this exciting milestone. “I loved witnessing the team bonding, the laughs, and everyone’s enthusiasm to make a positive impact together,” said Caroline Pinal, Founder of Giveback Homes, “I’m grateful for the experience and can’t wait for us to do more next year!” 

The new residents for all 10 homes are expected to be able to move in by early Summer 2022,

with construction expected to be completed in April 2022.

Here are some top highlights from the action-packed event.


Bond Street Partners kicked off the build day with non-stop dancing and paint roller choreography. Agents reminisced about their first build days, and David Parnes shared he was wearing the same boots he wore on his first build in Compton. Monique Navarro brought her son to one of her first build days and this time she was able to bring her daughter. For The Agency staff members who joined, this was their first build day experience, bringing joy and camaraderie to the experience.

Volunteers: James Harris, David Parnes, Sydney Brombal, Kris Everett, Allie Glick, Vinny Morales, Taylor Shapiro, Lindsay Taylor, Taryn Fletcher, Lauren Forment, Alexander Mourra, Monique Navarro, Sophia Navarro and Elisabeth Walton.