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The Future is Now: LIVV Homes & AI-Powered Design

by | Sep 20, 2022

Imagine a home powered by artificial intelligence that adapts to and anticipates your preferences, the seasons and weather conditions. The concept isn’t so sci-fi anymore—LIVV Homes is making ultra-smart, AI-integrated housing a reality. 

LIVV Homes is the first in the world to offer net-zero ready, sustainable, affordable and next-generation intelligent luxury residences. Sleek, customizable interiors are at once of-the-moment and totally timeless, presenting open-plan living spaces with distinct modern finishes, all illuminated by walls of windows and stunning contemporary fixtures. 

“We are a technology company as much as we are a real estate development company. Connecting these minds across these two different industries helps us create the next way of living, and the home of tomorrow,” CEO and co-founder of LIVV Homes, Philippe Ziade noted in a recent interview. He also explained the home’s functionality in terms of a highly responsive, human-like network. “We created a brain for the house and a digital nervous system that connects that brain to the home’s occupant. So now, the home can track the behavior of the home’s occupants and adapt to their desires and needs and change with them through their different stages of life.”

Livv Homes Natural Boho Interior

A Natural Boho interior palette.

“But, if I tell you all of this and the house isn’t beautiful and built better, then it all means nothing,” Ziade says. “So we really paid attention to the design, the style—what you see when you walk in, spaces, dimensions, ceiling height, your lines of sight—all of that is very important to us.” Aluminum windows and thermally broken insulation are among the homes’ highly durable, forward-thinking design elements.

Plus, because LIVV Homes are net-zero ready, they remove the need for monthly electricity and power bills, Philippe reasons that the cost of ownership on these homes “over a five, ten or fifteen-year span is way less costly than the traditional home.“

LIVV Homes Model

Rendering of a LIVV Home.

So, where can one find one of these “homes of tomorrow,” today? LIVV Homes’ first community, NEO Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada is ramping up construction, with its first home breaking ground earlier this summer (slated for completion in June 2023). It will be accompanied by a second community, called Magnus. Comprised of 89 homes, these enclaves boast unobstructed views of the surrounding desertscape, adjacent golf course and Las Vegas Strip beyond. The community is completely self-sustaining and net-zero. Every estate is designed to produce more energy than it consumes, saving the excess in Tesla Powerwall batteries for later use. The entire home construction process has been made sustainable as well, generating minimum waste and utilizing materials, techniques and practices chosen for their minimal environmental impact.

Presented by The Agency Development Group, NEO Las Vegas homes start at $2.3M and offer three interior design palettes (Euro Chic, Natural Boho and Modern Flair), seven floor plans offering 2,958 to 6,635 square feet of living space, three- to four-bedrooms, three-car garages and options for a gym, media room, office and extended closet. Homesites (sold separately), start at $950,000. The community is slated for full completion in 2027.

Livv Homes Exterior

Rendering of a LIVV Homes design.

“I rarely feel completely impressed by a home developer’s passion, aesthetic and point of view—but LIVV Homes is truly doing something different,” says Mike Leipart, Managing Partner of The Agency Development Group. “Their designs consider so many important elements, from environmental impact to technology and affordability. I am truly excited to see the NEO Las Vegas community come together. It’s going to set a new standard for AI-integration and sustainability.”

To learn more about the residences at NEO Las Vegas, visit Livv.com/NEO or contact LIVV@TheAgencyRE.com.

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