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The Right Customer Service for The Right Apartment

by | Sep 12, 2014

We started Suitey because we believe that finding a great apartment should be a simple, and enjoyable experience.  Whether you are renting your first apartment or finally buying that dream home, we know that every apartment search is different.

At Suitey, we provide a personalized experience and expert market knowledge to make sure you find your ideal apartment.  The Manhattan real estate market is stronger than ever, with average rents just shy of the 2007 market peak, and we are really excited to help you navigate it!We are committed to a singular focus –  Customer Service.  Someone blogged a while ago that the founder is responsible for emailing the first 1000 customers.  At Suitey, we reach out to every single client who comes through our website, and will always do so as a matter of company policy.  What difference does it make whether we send a stock e-mail or send a personal note?  Finding an apartment in the city can be a confusing, stressful, and impersonal process – we are out to change that.We want apartment-seekers to know that they have an advocate.  In the apartment hunt, great customer service is paramount to your satisfaction.  It’s not the email itself that makes us special – it’s the personal attention that we give to every client to ensure the best possible experience while finding an apartment.We are dedicated to this.  We truly believe that finding a great apartment in New York City does not have to be hard.  We work with the best brokers in New York to make sure our clients are informed on the market and see only apartments that they may want to rent.  We love New York, we love real estate, and we would love to help you find your next apartment.

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