The master architect, such as the acclaimed Ray Kappe, thoughtfully creates a structure that embraces and glorifies its environment. 17269 Oak View Drive in Encino, known as The Strimling House, is an exemplary home that presents layer upon layer of innovative and intelligent design. Listed by Craig Knizek, The Strimling House features natural sustainable elements of wood and stone, masterful use of scale, and walls of glass that present natural beauty as ever-present works of art.

Craig spoke with architectural expert Billy Rose, discussing The Strimling House’s unvarnished, unspoiled, and unbelievable design—true to its time but also extremely relevant today.

“Great architecture can really enhance one’s life. Great light, volumes that have a human scale, flow that makes sense, materials that are tactile and have a soul and make you feel warm—I think really have an impact on life,” notes Billy in the video.

“It feels like it has a timeless sensibility to it, which to me is emblematic of the best architecture—that it doesn’t matter which era it is, it still resonates for a certain kind of buyer and a certain kind of lifestyle,” says Craig.

There is highly coveted extreme privacy behind secure gates, leading down a long driveway toward a large lot that undulates toward a sparkling pool with a refreshing waterfall and hot tub. The towering trees and the flat grassy sun-drenched yard make this the ultimate Southern California residence. Truly a home for the ages, the space is keenly mindful of what constitutes a beautiful living experience, elegantly tiered and offering expansive and modern space for a timeless appeal.

View pictures below and learn more about The Strimling House here.