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Tyler Whitman’s Checklist for a Successful Real Estate Agent

by | Apr 27, 2022

The success of a real estate agent depends on much more than their ability to close on an apartment. Let’s face reality: closing the client from an appointment is much easier than generating the client in the first place.

With that in mind, I want you to budget this checklist into your workday to help increase your chances of success tremendously.

  1. Use a calendar (I use Google). It will keep you organized and will help you with time management.
  2. Get on a daily schedule. Consistency is the key to success!
  3. Organize your “33 touch” farming system (hello, downloadable checklist!). Remember, it’s proven that agents who actually execute on this system close 6 times the amount of business on average when compared to agents that don’t.
  4. Show your CRM some love so you’re not targeting lead generation efforts at anyone who isn’t going to grow your business.
  5. Pair up with another agent in your office for an hour of script practice (referrals, prospecting, objections, etc.)
  6. Use a listing syndication tool to optimize the distribution of your listings, such as Signal.
  7. Preview open houses for sales or open listings for rentals. There are hundreds of fabulous buildings that you probably haven’t seen—learn the product that you are selling!
  8. Organize a mixer for you and a like-minded group of people to get together for drinks.
  9. Research networking opportunities and attend an event (use meetup.com to find events in your area).
  10. Study the current market inventory as well as market trends in your preferred neighborhoods.
  11. Write a blog post on a topic you’re passionate about and make sure to promote it across your channels.
  12. Grab a coffee with agents at other firms that you have enjoyed working with.
  13. Ask an agent if you can host an open house at their exclusive for the day.
  14. Share a post on social media to give your business (and brand) a boost, whether it be about a new listing, your adorable dog, or a client testimonial.
  15. Learn which management companies have buildings in each neighborhood. This will help you learn the market, and also make it easier on you when preparing a tour for a client.
  16. Go to a broker open house or a general open house and engage the broker in conversation.
  17. Shadow another agent on an appointment or bring an agent along to your appointment to get and give feedback. This goes for two people at any level.
  18. Write thank-you or “just checking in” cards and e-mails to past clients.
  19. Engage past clients to ask for referrals.
  20. Answer real estate-related questions in forums and groups on sites like Streeteasy, Quora, Facebook, and Reddit.

Now, get to work!

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