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West Village NYC: 2019 Neighborhood Guide

by | Aug 21, 2019

History of the West Village

The West Village is located between Sixth Avenue and West Street (east to west) and 14th Street and W Houston (north to south).

Known as a hub for bohemian culture since the early 20th century, NYC’s West Village was home to many artistic visionaries because of its inspiring atmosphere. This caused the neighborhood to become abundant with small art galleries, quaint bookstores, and charming cafes where the city’s intellectuals could do their best work.

Today, the West Village’s rich history has helped it develop into one of New York City’s most coveted neighborhoods and is still a cultural epicenter.

The Vibe of the West Village

Tranquil with just enough hustle and bustle, the West Village is filled with beautiful brownstones, cobblestone roads, and tree-lined streets.

You will find long-time residents as well as those new to Manhattan who want to reside in a unique place that brings their dream of NYC living to reality. It’s also the perfect place for commuters, with a number of transit options to get you to your destination.

Filled with picturesque townhomes, co-ops, and condos, the West Village gives NYC homebuyers many options to choose from.

Those who reside in the West Village are proud to call this neighborhood home, and most will have a number of favorite local spots to recommend to visitors.

Unique Features of the West Village

One feature that is specific to the West Village is the “off-the-grid” street system.

Because the West Village’s grid is offset from that of the Manhattan Grid, the angles between streets create triangles of open space where the two grids collide. These areas are home to parks and subway stations and have a more pedestrian-feel than the square intersections in other parts of Manhattan.

It’s not only the streets’ orientation that makes the West Village one-of-a-kind. The roads tend to be narrower as well, with buildings rarely above three stories.

The contrast between neighborhoods is very apparent, allowing West Villagers to know exactly once they’ve entered the area in which they reside.

Things to do in the West Village

There’s an endless amount of activities to partake in when you’re in the West Village. Here are some of Triplemint’s favorites:

  • Shopping: Regardless of your budget, the West Village has an array of both boutique and designer shops that are the perfect places to upgrade your closet or grab a gift for an upcoming soirée.
  • Visit Famous Filming Sets: Many famous TV shows and films take place in the West Village. Seinfeld, Friends, and Sex and the City are some of the most noteworthy. Directors and writers purposely choose the West Village as a set location because the neighborhood plays a character in itself.
  • Hudson River Park: The Hudson River Park is a 550-acre riverside park and is located on the west side of Manhattan between Battery City and W 59th Street. Not only does this waterfront park have exceptional views during the summer and springtime, but it also hosts many events ranging from professional volleyball tournaments to musical performances by the water.

Places to Eat in the West Village

Credited with having the best food in Manhattan, the West Village is home to the world’s most sought after restaurants. No matter what type of food you’re craving, we bet you can find it in the West Village. Can’t decide where to dine? Triplemint recommends these three West Village eateries:

  • Literally any restaurant from Rita Sodi and Jodi Williams: West Village locals will tell you Buvette, iSodi, and Via Carota are bucket list experiences you NEED to try. Getting a reservation may be a bit difficult though, so make sure to book well in advance.
  • Corner Bistro: Corner Bistro is the perfect representation of the West Village’s rich history. Being one of the last bohemian bars in the area, Corner Bistro has been serving up New Yorkers for years.
  • L’Artusi: L’Artusi presents a modern take on traditional Italian dishes, coupling creativity, and comfort. Its extensive wine list, consistent upbeat vibe, and unmatched service make L’Artusi a neighborhood hot spot. Try to sit at the bar right in front of the open kitchen if you can for an incredible experience.
  • Amélie: If you’re in the mood for a glass of vino, this French wine bar will hit the spot. Triplemint Agent Amy McDonald loves their wine flights, which allow you to taste three glasses for just $12!

This list could go on forever because the West Village is truly a paradise for foodies.

Top Three Things We Love About the West Village

  1. Hudson River Park: Hudson River Park is the longest riverfront park in the United States and is the perfect place to unwind while taking in amazing views of the water.
  2. Quiet Neighborhood with an Upbeat Vibe: While the West Village is casual and relaxed, it is never dreary, making it one of the most balanced neighborhoods in the city to live in.
  3. Endless Shopping: From high-end fashion storefronts to local boutique vendors, the West Village shopping scene is perfect for finding your next outfit, and buying that birthday gift for your difficult friend or family member.

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