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Why NOW is the Time to Buy an Apartment in NYC

by | Jul 31, 2019

For all my Whitman Wisdom fans out there – first off, I love you guys! Thank you for tuning in and keeping up with my wacky, weird, and incredibly insightful antics each week. There’s definitely more to come in the near future. Can you believe we’ve been picked up for a 5th season? Cheers to season 5!

Alright, enough about me and back to my main point. I kicked off this season with an episode addressing why you shouldn’t let the “crashing” real estate market deter you from finding your NYC dream home. Read on for some reasons why NOW is the time to buy in NYC.

Don’t give in to the fear mindset!

In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not people have a growth or fixed mindset. The fear mindset happens when one condition negatively impacts a group of people, and those soon to be exposed to said condition believe that they’ll experience a similarly dooming outcome. That’s right, your favorite broker is now a theorist (or whatever you call the people who discover theories).

Controversial opinion alert! I wholeheartedly believe that the dismal state of the NYC real estate market has way more to do with the fear mindset that consumers are living with rather than the actual economy itself.

Disagree with me? Leave a nasty comment below my post – it’ll help me get more views. Or, just keep reading and allow me to enlighten you.

So, what you’re saying is…it’s okay to buy?

YES! Now is the time to buy!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you’re a buyer looking for property in NYC you should be buying or investing in a boatload of real estate right now. Yes, today. And by today, I mean yesterday.

Buyers – this is YOUR market. When I started in this industry almost a decade ago, the Great Recession had just hit. I didn’t have as much confidence or conviction as I do now to encourage buyers to snag those real estate deals while they’re hot.

But thankfully, a few of those buyers took a leap of faith and listened to me when I told them to let go of their fears and invest in real estate amidst a crashing market. By buying when they were ready and letting go of their fears, these homeowners almost doubled the value of their homes and made a huge return on their initial investment.

The residential sales market is heavily oversupplied, so you’ve got plenty of inventory to choose from. With such an abundance of inventory, there’s no better time to buy real estate for a cheaper value than in this very moment. Buyers, this is the perfect opportunity to get the most bang for your buck!

Remember – the strategy in NYC real estate is not wait to buy, it’s buy then wait. You should enter the market as soon as you’re able to, especially if you have the financial means to do so now.

Okay, You’ve Got Me – I Should Buy Now. But Where Do I Start?

Even if you’re not satisfied with what’s out there – again, don’t fear! The Whitman team family always has your back! With programs like Triplemint’s Pre-Market Platform, buyers get the chance to take a peek at some of the most gorgeous luxury apartments before they even hit the market.

For more detailed info on this program, check out our team’s guide to understanding how this Pre-Market Platform works. Yes, that was a shameless plug for my oh-so fabulous work team and real estate brokerage.

If you want to see what’s available for purchase right now, check out our current NYC listings for sale. If you see something you like – contact us and we’ll help you schedule a viewing, or just give you free advice if you want (and probably a “yassssss” at some point).

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