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Just outside of Palm Springs you can find the quickly growing city of Desert Hot Springs, California. Sometimes the area is also referred to as the “Desert Empire.” The area is 23.6 square-miles and home to 27,900 residents. This is a dramatic increase from the 16,582 residents recorded in 2000. The median age of residents is 31 years old. The area of Desert Hot Springs has a rich history. It is said that the very first homesteader in the area arrived in 1908 and was a strong-willed woman, Hilda Maude Gray. Another of the first settlers was Cabot Yerxa who arrived in 1913. He was as writer and would record much of the city’s history after his arrival. Cabot worked for over 20 years on his hand built Pueblo Revival Style home. It now stands as one of the oldest adobe style homes in Riverside County. After his death in 1965 the home was designated a historical site and Cabot’s Trading Post and Gallery would later open in 2008.