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About seventeen miles east of Palm Springs sits the small town of Indian Wells, California. The name of the city is a reflection of its rich history. “Indian Wells” was first documented when Captain Jose Romero was exploring the area in 1823. He made notes in his log book of how the local Natives had dug themselves a productive well. Later, in 1853 when a Smithsonian Institute geologist was visiting the area he also recorded that the “Indian Wells” area was a thriving Indian village. It seems the historic name for the area stuck although the Indians themselves abandoned the well shortly after this. The area became a popular resting point for those traveling through to get to the California desert gold mines, so Riverside County built their own well in 1870, just about one-hundred feet south of the original Indian well. In the twentieth century settlers took to Indian wells to farm date palms. Then in the mid-1950s, the golf and country club industries took off in the area.