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Indio, California, is not only the largest city in the Coachella Valley, it’s also the fastest growing. The name comes from the Spanish variation of the word Indian. Indio comprises approximately twenty-six square miles and is home to 89,000 residents. Another 1.4 million people visit this “City of Festivals” every year. The closest major airport is the Palm Springs International Airport. The city began to form in 1876 out of necessity. It was created as a place for rest and water along the Southern Pacific Railroad that ran from Yuma, Arizona, to Los Angeles, California. The first building built in Indio was the Southern Pacific Depot Station and Hotel. It became the center of socialization for the town offering dining, dancing, and shopping. By the 1900s, farmers had learned how to irrigate the surrounding land using wells and later using the canal. The area began to be know as more than just a train stop -- it was growing as an agricultural town.