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A growing city with a bright future, Kitchener is a beautiful blend of history, small town charm and dynamic contemporary culture. First founded in 1833 and located just 100 kilometers west of Toronto, the provincial capital city, Kitchener encompasses an area of 136.86 square kilometers, which includes the recently revitalized downtown—replete with sleek condominiums and newly-built apartments—as well as quieter suburban neighbourhoods laced with walking trails and dotted with lush parks shaded by mature elm, maple and willow trees. Homes in the Kitchener area range in size and style, offering options for individuals as well as growing families. Among downtown Kitchener’s most popular attractions are pedestrian-friendly King Street, the more than 100-year-old Victoria Park, TheMUSEUM (which features a range of interactive art and science exhibits) and The Kitchener Market, one of Canada’s oldest operating farmers’ markets, which offers cooking classes in addition to goods from local producers and artisans. The downtown area is a rapidly evolving technology hub, home to Google, Communitech and hundreds of other innovative companies specializing in digital media, biomedical research, aerospace development, environmental technology and advanced manufacturing. Kitchener is also the site of several academic institutions, including the University of Waterloo and the top-ranked Conestoga College.