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Linea - Palm Springs, CA

Linea is an artistic composition of fourteen modern ultra luxury residences. Minimal lines, walls of glass, measured proportions, and sculptural massing deliver homes of iconic architecture and modish lifestyle. History's abstract sculptors and Bauhaus painters inspire the work of Designer and Architect, Andrew Adler and Anthony Poon to present this unprecedented private gated community of all white architectural estates on nearly half acre lots in the heart of South Palm Springs.

Expanse, proportion, light and air, indoor/outdoor connection. At Linea, our theories on transparency / opacity, counterpoint / congruence deliver theatricality in scale and head on west and south mountain range views. Our compositions posit clarity, lucidity and precision. It is here: autonomy, non-representationalism and self-referentiality comprise the unapologetic purging of traditional narratives and conventional beliefs of adornment—so as to ascertain neoteric principles in this exclusive community for the discerning few.