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NEO - Las Vegas, Nevada

A global first, unique in both concept and design, LIVV Homes is a thoroughly sustainable net-zero community with a world-class suite of user-configurable services and features. The LIVV experience represents the epitome of a simple and sustainable lifestyle. LIVV provides an ensemble of community services featuring fluid, transparent, and value-driven community architecture, solar-powered LED-lit walkways, glow-in-the-dark bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths, and vehicle charging stations. NEO Las Vegas is a LIVV community located in the heart of Henderson, Nevada. It is surrounded by dramatic mountains, beautiful valleys, and crystal-clear lakes. It combines the serenity of nature’s red-rock landscape with the glitter of the Las Vegas skyline. Designed from the ground up to provide everything a resident may need, LIVV NEO is a self-sustaining net-zero community, enhanced by technology. The community is a haven of peace, quiet, and luxury.

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