North Tustin Real Estate

Average Home Statistics

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North Tustin real estate is generally known for its hilly larger lots, bigger homes and quiet neighborhoods. While there are a mix of older and new houses with different architecture styles, a majority of North Tustin homes were built between 1960 and 1990. Average home prices here are over eight hundred thousand dollars, but in the more prestigious neighborhoods people can expect to find North Tustin homes climbing into the millions. The most notable North Tustin homes are in four neighborhoods: Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights, Panorama Heights and Red Hill. North Tustin homes in Lemon Heights are known for their sweeping city and ocean views. This hilly neighborhood includes tiered houses that typically cost more than one million dollars. Homes in this area are also older, sit on multi-acre lots and have been uniquely customized by their owners. They are also conveniently located right by Peters Canyon.