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Rancho Mirage is a small city in the Coachella Valley of California. It takes up a 24.8-square- mile area and has a population of 18,194 residents. When the city incorporated in 1973 it was a merger of what was Mirage Cove with five other small cove communities. At the time there were only 3,000 residents in the area. Currently there are about ten thousand homes and apartments in Rancho Mirage. The median sale price of homes in the area is $550,000 or $223 per square foot. This is a dramatic 25 percent rise over the prior year. The median rent rate in the area is $3,500, which has dropped 22% in the last year. Of the homes in the area, 61% of them were built between 1970 and 1999. Twenty-five percent of the homes in Rancho Mirage were built after the year 2000. The majority of Rancho Mirage homes are three bedroom, single family homes.