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Through an exciting new partnership between Dion Neutra, the Neutra Office and California Architecture Conservancy, that indescribable quality of the past can, once again, be achieved today. Pursuant to this partnership, one can license the right to build from the plans of mid-century master Richard Neutra.

Neutra (1892-1970), perhaps the most important of the mid-century modernist architects, if not of the Twentieth Century as a whole, became famous for the simple geometries of his designs, which were often made of steel and glass, and the prefabricated elements that made them extremely easy to build with a modernist look. Known for rigorously geometric yet airy structures, Neutra worked with a keen sensitivity towards blending the interior and exterior of a space such that it would “place man in relationship with nature; that’s where he developed and where he feels most at home.” This philosophy grew out of his feeling that “our environment is often chaotic, irritating, inhibitive and disorienting. It is not generally designed at all, but amounts to a cacophonous, visually discordant accretion of accidental events, sometimes euphemized as ‘urban development’ and ‘economic progress’.”

Neutra’s sublime designs are as relevant and viable today as they were a half century ago. Now, one can take advantage of today’s advanced technologies and materials and, together with the supervision of Dion Neutra and the Neutra Office, execute the original plans of one of the most significant architects of all time. There are numerous plans from which to choose for your own “Neutra” primary residence, vacation home or guest house.

Contact Billy Rose at The Agency to obtain more information on how to license the right to build your own “Neutra”.