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Scottsdale, Arizona, is a town in the greater Phoenix area with a population of about 227,000. It sits approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix in the Salt River Valley. To the west of Scottsdale is McDowell Mountain Regional Park. The city of Scottsdale is full of rich history. In 1888, Winfield Scott bought the piece of land where downtown Scottsdale stands today. After more residents moved to the area in 1894, they named the city after him. The city became officially incorporated in 1951. During the 1960s and 1970s the population of the area grew rapidly and the size of the city went from about five square miles to more than sixty. Also important to Scottsdaleā€™s history was Frank Loyd Wright, who lived just outside of the city in the late 1930s. His designs played a major role in the development in the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale. After his death the city built a monument for him, a large spire that he himself designed, in North Scottsdale.