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Picture driving down the Baja Mexican coastline taking a chance on a [random] dirt road, only to find that it dead ends into a tropical desert oasis. Seemingly hand-picked from the heavens and aimlessly placed on the map, Todos Santos, Mexico is tucked away between the expansive desert terrain and the shelter of the Laguna Sierra Mountains. Located directly on the Pacific Coast only a short distance north from Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos boasts a similar rugged coastline characterized by picturesque cliffs cascading into brilliantly blue seas. Still somewhat of a hidden gem, Todos Santos has been shielded from the influx of tourism known by its wilder neighbor. Because of its unique allure, it is quickly becoming recognized as a preferential alternative to the bustling city of Cabo San Lucas. Although considerably more remote than the areas of Los Cabos, Todos Santos has an enchanting vibe which casts a spell over its visitors making them never want to leave.