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Part of the larger unincorporated community of Alamo, California, West Alamo is a small, upscale suburban area located in Contra Costa County. The west side of Alamo is nestled among Easy Bay and San Francisco’s two coastal mountain areas, the Las Trampas Ridge and the Mt. Diablo Range. With just over six hundred residents living in West Alamo, this semi-rural quiet community embraces an air of quiet sophistication. Often described as an “old money” area, West Alamo is home to a middle-aged population with an average age close to fifty. In line with this, West Alamo also has a higher cost of living than many other East Bay cities. While West Alamo is small in size, the community has all the essentials residents need within close proximity. Whatever is not found within Alamo, residents can find in the higher populated neighboring cities of Walnut Creek and Danville.