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Live the Dream: Apartments with Outdoor Space

by | Aug 20, 2018

In a city like New York City, with its constant rush and the feeling of being suffocated by skyscrapers, your own outdoor space is the ultimate luxury. Having a tranquil oasis to come back home to will change your life. (Maybe we’re being a bit dramatic.)

Luckily, outdoor space in New York City apartments isn’t as hard to come by as you might think. The midst of summer is the perfect time to move into an apartment that will let you enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine on your balcony after a long day. Outdoor space has many faces: a backyard (yes, that exists in New York!), a balcony, terrace, or even a rooftop. Enjoy and turn your dream into a reality.

If you don’t necessarily need your own outdoor space, check out our list of the best rooftop bars this summer to get your vitamin D high above the ground!

Upper Manhattan: Find your zen

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If you fancy lots of space, light-filled rooms, and several terraces in the building, you should probably consider moving to 1510 Lexington Avenue in Carnegie Hill, Upper Manhattan. Triplemint expert agent Jed Lewin can’t get enough of it: “1510 Lexington is a full-service luxury rental in upper Carnegie Hill and boasts three distinct outdoor spaces for its tenants.” No, that is not a typo, he said three. ”

The ground floor features a beautiful private garden with tables and chairs, while the roof offers both a members-only club with grills and outdoor tables, and a serene, landscaped retreat open to the whole building. The public roof is a tranquil, beachy zen escape.” Nothing else to add.

Lower Manhattan: Keep Calm

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If you’re looking for floor-to-ceiling windows, a great layout, and an amazing balcony overlooking the city, Brigitte Pays might be able to help you. She represents a spacious one bedroom on 37th Street in Hudson Yards and can’t stop gushing about it: “When the floor-to-ceiling windows aren’t enough, you also have your very own private balcony with direct views of the Hudson that serves as an extension to the apartment! It’s such a great place to either get lost in a good book or unwind after a busy week with a nice glass or Rose- whichever you prefer.” Both sounds great, Brigitte!

Pictured is the building’s beautiful roof terrace, accessible to all tenants of the building and featuring unbeatable views of the Empire State Building.

Bushwick: Serenity In the City

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If Brooklyn is more your vibe, you’re in luck. An apartment with outdoor space is even more common here! Triplemint agent Hila Peled currently has a beautiful two bedroom at 221 Troutman Street on the market. “Enter the heart of prime bushwick and enjoy the serenity outdoor space, two bedrooms, a newly upgraded kitchen and bathroom and your own in-unit washer dryer!”

What else could you want? If all that hasn’t convinced you yet, let us tell you about the price – this gem can be rented for $2,550 a month.

Williamsburg: Your private oasis

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Because a beautiful, private outdoor space at an affordable price is a true “unicorn” in New York City, as Triplemint agent Dan Chen puts it, his listing was already leased at time of publication. We still didn’t want to exclude it from this article, since it’s always great to educate yourself about what’s on the market and what price point you’re looking at. This apartment was snatched away recently for $2,875 a month.

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