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Tyler Whitman of Triplemint Joins Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York

by | Jun 27, 2019

After months of anticipation and speculation, we’re thrilled to announce that one of Triplemint’s own, Tyler Whitman, is officially the newest addition to Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York cast. Soon, audiences across the world will meet the Tyler we all at Triplemint know and love.

Challenge? Bring it on!

With over a decade of real estate experience, Tyler is a force to be reckoned with. His unwavering go-getter attitude matched by a beaming entrepreneurial spirit have always made Tyler a hard worker. These traits ensure that no obstacle thrown in his path is neither too big nor too complex to handle.

We saw this exemplified in the season eight preview, where Tyler details his weight-loss journey, having lost almost 200 pounds. He shows that he’s a living example of being the change you want to see. He hopes to inspire those facing similar personal battles.

A Life of Risk and Reward

We all know the saying, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” This saying is perhaps the most fitting in describing both Tyler’s career and time as an NYC resident. After leaving the University of Alabama Birmingham, Tyler took a major risk moving to the Big Apple without a plan or job offer. He made ends meet by selling Broadway musical tickets during the day and working at Planet Hollywood in the evenings.

Fast forward to 2013 when Triplemint was founded and Tyler joined our team. Being in the early startup stages, Tyler worked tirelessly with our founders, David Walker and Philip Lang, to build out our current business model and initial team. According to Tyler, this is “easily the proudest accomplishment of [his] professional life.”

A Fresh Face

PC: The Real Deal

Bravo has been trying to reach a younger demographic for a while now. Considering how young Triplemint is and Tyler’s boisterous energy paired with his fun-loving nature, could you imagine a more perfect fit for an additional cast member?

Tyler is arguably one of the most exciting agents currently in the NYC real estate game. Okay, we may be a little biased, but when season eight airs, we believe you’ll think the same!

Season eight of Million Dollar Listing New York will premiere August 1 at 9/8c on Bravo. Be sure to tune in!

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