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photo of Mauricio Umansky
Mauricio Umansky
Founder, CEO (424) 230-3701
License: DRE #1222825
photo of Billy Rose
Billy Rose
Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer (424) 230-3702
License: DRE #1302611
photo of Leonid Barenblit
Leonid Barenblit
Chief Technology Officer
photo of Sandy Knell
Sandy Knell
Chief Accounting Officer
photo of Shane Farkas
Shane Farkas
Chief Operating Officer (424) 230-3745
License: DRE #1711165
photo of Eugene Eskin
photo of Burke Smith
Burke Smith
EVP of Affiliated Businesses
photo of Mike Leipart
Mike Leipart
Managing Partner, New Development (405) 370-6656
photo of Jeff Samuels
Jeff Samuels
SVP Regional Manager, Northern California / Managing Director, Alamo (925) 708-0407
License: DRE #1440794
photo of Doug Sandler
Doug Sandler
SVP Regional Manager, Los Angeles (424) 233-0927
photo of Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz
SVP Regional Manager, San Diego/Orange County/Arizona (510) 295-7622
License: DRE #1711786