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Jed Lewin, Esq.

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Jed Lewin is a seasoned broker and attorney with over 15 years of experience and has lived in Manhattan his entire life — a combination that makes him one of the most sought-after real estate brokers in New York. Jed specializes in representing high net-worth individuals, investors, and developers, as well as first-time buyers.

Jed's unique understanding of the market helps buyers find a home or investment that not only exceeds their needs but also fits their lifestyle. As a listing agent, he is known for quickly completing off-market deals by utilizing cutting edge marketing techniques and his broad network.

Prior to entering real estate, Jed practiced law for many years and successfully managed client relations for one of the world’s most respected companies, where he negotiated high stakes deals with major companies and organizations. A recognized negotiation expert, Jed has taught in dozens of law schools across the country. With his keen eye for detail, industry expertise, and executive presence, Jed is the ideal choice to help you navigate your next real estate transaction.

Jed grew up in Gramercy Park and has lived all over the city. He currently resides on the Upper West Side with his wife Erica and two children, Charlie and Chelsea. In his free time, Jed loves exploring New York City; he is a very good cook and a fairly lousy softball player.


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Jed's Transaction History

Address Type
2 Fifth Avenue #9KL Sold
2 Fifth Avenue #9KL Sold
444 W 19 St #703 Sold
215 W 90 St #9D Sold
535 W 110th St #2-GH Sold
173 Riverside Dr #7N Sold
400 West End Ave #11D Sold
363 E 76 St #18F Sold
205 E 59 St #20A Sold
304 W 115 St #5A Sold
75 Central Park W #4A Sold
60 W 20 St #2J Sold
10 Nevins St #6A Sold
4 E 95 St #PHE Sold
605 Park Avenue #11G Sold
22 W 15 St #9D Sold
106 W 116 St #11B Sold
370 W 118th St #2-C Sold
250 E 40 St #28F Sold
The Rennie - 2351 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd #PH24 Sold
1864 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard #51 Sold
324 E 41st St #901C Sold
106 W 116 St #4A Sold
1330 Fifth Ave #2I Sold
300 W 122 St #12G Sold
100 La Salle St #13G Sold
1214 Pacific St #1 Sold
100 W 93 St #4E Sold
205 E 68 St #T2A Sold
200 W 79 St #3G Sold



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