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Oscar Lauzardo

Real Estate Agent
Meet Oscar Lauzardo, a dynamic force in the world of luxury real estate, eager to unfold the next exciting chapter in his journey. Oscar, who grew up surrounded by the lively vibes of Miami, Florida, and the enchanting landscapes of the Dominican Republic, has always found joy in weaving together diverse experiences into something truly special.

With over a decade dedicated to channeling his creativity into corporate event production for renowned brands like OMEGA Watch and prestigious creative agencies, Oscar experienced a transformative moment in 2020. This pivotal year has led him back to the Dominican Republic, where he discovered a captivating passion for luxury real estate.

Oscar has recently joined forces with The Agency. This collaboration extends beyond mere professional ties; it's a union of shared values and a commitment to delivering the absolute best for you. Oscar is excited to infuse The Agency's renowned excellence into this shared luxury real estate journey.

However, that's not the only facet of Oscar's thriving career. Since 2020, he has immersed himself in the Casa de Campo Resort market, where curating luxury vacation rentals for international artists and discerning clientele and diving into the nuances of luxury real estate has become his daily passion.

So, join Oscar on this adventure where it is not just about properties; it's about your story and your dreams. With his personal touch, industry expertise, and The Agency's backing, Oscar is here to redefine what a real estate experience can be. Welcome to a journey where your dream home isn't just a place; it's a reflection of you.