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Sharon Gill

License: California DRE #02036831
I entered the real estate industry to further my passion for serving as my client’s advocate. My Myers Briggs (ENFJ) and Enneagram scores (1w2) accurately summarize my skills and explain why I am a naturally talented real estate agent. I am a charismatic leader and intrinsically motivated to curate the experience of a lifetime for my clients. My systematic approach to each step of the transaction ensures transparency, effectiveness, and success.

Sharon's Featured Past Transactions

San Francisco, CA
0 BD, 0 BA, Single-Family
Listing courtesy of The Agency
MLS ID: a0V4U00000Ftgo6UAB
Oakland, CA
0 BD, 0 BA, Single-Family
Listing courtesy of The Agency
MLS ID: a0V4U00000FtfNZUAZ

Sharon's Transaction History

Address Type
5010 Brook Valley Loop Sold
188 Carrick Cir Sold
5461 Tyler Place Sold
812 10th Avenue Sold
3536 Robinson Dr Sold
7754 Starward Dr Sold
2648 Admiral Circle Sold
1788 Romulus Pl Sold
2655 Bush Street, #312 Sold
11732 Cranford Way Sold
1060 Sierra Road Sold
1166 Taraya Ter Sold
2225 Wild Plains Circle Sold
45378 Tom Blalock , #106 G5 Sold
11732 Cranford Way Sold
3039 58th Avenue Sold
438 W Grand Avenue , #428 Sold
2012 John Muir Pkwy Sold
6360 13th Street Sold
4728 Meldon Ave Sold
848 Ryan Ct Sold
2315 Sabrina Way Sold
322 Hanover Avenue, #310 Sold
38 N Almaden Boulevard, #503 Sold
131 Carmel Avenue Sold
1509 Chandler St , #85 Sold
8410 Pinehollow Circle Sold
9322 Vista Court Sold
4800 Cedar Landing Way Sold
11023 Biddeford Circle Sold