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Arielle Carraha

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Originally from the Upper West Side, Arielle has over 12 years of real estate experience. Previous to being in real estate, Arielle started as a sales rep and later on became the sales manager for a multi-level marketing organization. In this role, she learned how to lead and inspire others to accomplish goals on a personal level, for the team, and for the entire company.

Arielle has closed transactions successfully in every neighborhood and borough of New York City, but the Upper West Side is the area that she loves working in the most. She seamlessly combines her expertise with The Agency’s unique approach to making the buying, selling, and renting of real estate more enjoyable.

After living on the Upper West Side her entire life, she has built long-lasting relationships and a breadth of knowledge about the neighborhood. Therefore, she effortlessly adheres to client’s needs and wishes on the Upper West Side.

Arielle’s passion for traveling has taken her to 25 different countries and has allowed her to appreciate the myriad of cuisines and cultures the world has to offer. She loves to go to the theater, as acting and singing are two of her passions. Arielle also enjoys watching sports or playing the occasional game of pool.

Arielle's Transaction History

220 West 93rd Street, #12C
161 Dupont Street, #1
220 Withers Street, #3A
200 East 89th Street, #44E
88 Greenwich Street, #3504
7 West 92nd Street, #35
885 Hancock Street
88 Greenwich Street, #725
223 Pulaski Street, #1A
58 West 105th Street, #3A
35 E 85th St #7CN
201 West 21st Street, #3E
345 West 145th Street, #12A2
110 Thompson Street, #1D
315 West 55th Street, #4C
4-6 West 105th Street, #6E
501 N Barry Avenue, #1E
1475 Thieriot Avenue, 3K
1475 Thieriot Avenue, #6K
1922 McGraw Avenue, #3G
450 West 42nd Street, #34
450 West 42nd Street, #34P
387 Manhattan Avenue, #4A
39 Bedford Street, #1S
65 Ludlow Street, #12
462 Amsterdam Avenue, #4S
214 East 11th Street, #5D
636 Metropolitan Avenue, #2