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Marnie Eden

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Marnie Eden joins The Agency with a lifelong passion for real estate. A problem solver at heart, Marnie turns challenges into opportunities. Marnie is always focused on her clients as the center of her business and is constantly looking for ways to improve her service. She builds rapport with her clients by carefully listening to them, asking the right questions, and nurturing authentic relationships. With great attention to detail, a dedication to collaboration, and a genuine passion for people, Marnie offers premier service that sets her apart.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Marnie made her way to Los Angeles over ten years ago, before making the move to New York four years ago.

When she’s not serving her clients, Marnie enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants, cooking, and traveling the world in search of her next great adventure.

Marnie's Transaction History

Address Type
305 Hicks St, #PH, Brooklyn Sold
11 Hoyt St, #20E, Brooklyn Sold
870 United Nations Plaza, #8A Sold
448 West 37th St, #8A Sold
300 W 23rd Street, #11EF Sold
465 Pacific St, #3B, Brooklyn Sold
157 14th St, Brooklyn Sold
250 W 16th St, #1G Sold
417 W 22nd St, #PH Sold
133 S 1st St #2/3R Sold
354 2nd Street, #3B, Brooklyn Sold
406 Degraw St, #3, Brooklyn Sold
161 E 110th St, #4B Sold
140 E 28th St, #7H Sold
52 92nd St, #7B, Brooklyn Sold
1086 Decatur St, #4R, Brooklyn Sold
88 Greenwich St, #1116 Sold
305 E 72nd St, #6HN Sold
475 FDR DR, #L-1106 Sold
211 Thompson St, #2K Sold
342 Chauncey St, #PHB Sold
305 E 24th St, #3L Sold
330 Third Ave, #14E Sold
155 W 106th St, #2B Sold
101 Warren St, #2330 Rented
77 E 12th St, #9EF Rented
701 Sackett Street, #1 Rented
167 Avenue A, #4 Rented
143 16th St, #1 Rented
25 Carroll St, #3C Rented