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Nicole Dreyfuss

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Nicole Dreyfuss has been advising clients on buying and selling their homes and empowering them to make smart, data-driven decisions since 2013. Her goal is to make the real estate experience a transparent, seamless, and enjoyable one. She has an impressive track record of selling co-ops, condos, and townhouses throughout Manhattan. As an active member of her Upper West Side co-op’s Board of Directors, she is well-versed in the intricacies and opportunities in the NYC co-op market and uses that knowledge to elevate her clients’ experiences.

Nicole began her career in real estate in 2013 and has a strong background in design and marketing. She designed and ran a brand of accessories that sold in more than 100 stores around the globe and was featured in the press throughout the world. In this capacity she worked closely with boutique buyers in trade shows, media, creative, and production.

Nicole is a graduate of Kenyon College, where she met her husband David. They are both enthusiastic Kenyon alumni and have identical twin teenage sons and a Morkie named Bonnet. Nicole is known for her generous spirit, warm sense of humor, creative energy, and dedication. In her spare time, she throws fundraisers for political candidates and volunteers for causes that are close to her heart.

Nicole's Transaction History

Address Type
320 W 88th Street, townhouse Sold
221 W 82nd St, APT 3F Sold
330 W 89th St, #2 Sold
670 W End Ave, APT 9D Sold
205 E 63rd St, # 2-AB Sold
101 W 12th St, # 5LM Sold
675 W End Ave, APT 12B Sold
771 W End Ave, APT 3E Sold
140 Riverside Dr, # 18C Sold
2110 Frederick Douglass Blvd, APT 3B Sold
130 W 86th St, APT 5C Sold
302 W 79th St, APT 2B Sold
130 W 86th St, APT 2C Sold
130 W 86th St, APT 7B Sold
130 W 86th St, APT 4C Sold
130 W 86th St, APT 16A Sold
120 Greenwich St, APT 4C Sold
150 W End Ave, APT 14S Sold
260 W 21st St, APT 4L Sold
230 E 79th St, APT 15A Sold
315 W 106th St, APT 8D Sold
165 W End Ave, APT 29L Sold
54 W 88th St, APT 1 Rented
262 W 88th St Rented
666 W End Ave, 22D Rented
101 W 12th St, # 5LM Rented
336 E 86th St, PH Rented
55 W 95th St, APT 53 Rented