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Blue Hole Bay: Own A Property That Could Hold Clues To How Life Evolved

by | Feb 21, 2012

We already knew our Blue Hole Bay listing was a one-of-a-kind property in the Bahamas with its sparkling, turquoise waters and white sand beach wrapping around Dean’s Blue Hole – the deepest undersea cave in the world. But recent discoveries by marine biologists suggest that it may be even more extraordinary in that it, along with other blue holes in the Bahamas, may hold clues to how life evolved here on Earth.

Marine biologist Tom Iliffe and his colleagues from Texas A&M studied three blue holes in the Bahamas and discovered that each had significantly different microbes living in them from the others. As Discovery.com points out: “The fact that each cave has different conditions from the others and thus a different palette of life helps scientists analyze the diverse routes life might have taken on Earth, given slight tweaks in their initial brews.”

Iliffe elaborates: “These bacterial forms of life may be similar to microbes that existed on early Earth and thus provide a glimpse of how life evolved on this planet. These caves are natural laboratories where we can study life existing under conditions analogous to what was present many millions of years ago.”

The Bahamas has the greatest concentration of blue holes in the world with an estimated 1,000 such caves there. Only a few though have been investigated, making them the true final frontier of exploration on this planet.

“We know more about the far side of the moon than we do about these caves right here on Earth,” Iliffe told Discovery. “There is no telling what remains to be discovered in the many thousands of caves that no one has ever entered. If life exists elsewhere in our solar system, it most likely would be found in water-filled subterranean environments, perhaps equivalent to those we are studying in the Bahamas.”

Officially designated one of the Top 77 Natural Wonders of the World, Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest blue hole in the world, plunging 663 feet down into a seemingly bottomless blue depth. It is situated in the 180-acre Blue Hole Bay, a truly one-of-a-kind property that is open-zoned and thus limited only by one’s imagination. This slice of paradise is one of, if not the, definitive trophy parcels of the Caribbean, fit for the dreamer who wants to make their own personal idea of pure bliss come to life.

Learn more about Blue Hole Bay here. Read more about the new forms of life discovered in blue holes here.

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