The Agency's Steven Kirshbaum is back on track to reaching his fitness goals thanks to starting a new program with the trainers at Sirens & Titans Fitness in Los Angeles.

“Since I feel that anyone can find 30 minutes two or three times a week to improve their health, I ran out of excuses for me not to come,” admits Steven, who decided to check out the studio following a friend’s recommendation.

One 90 minute evaluation later—which included determining his current strength, mobility, core and cardio levels, as well as a discussion about his fitness goals—and Steven was given a solid baseline to start with. Since we all want to be looking and feeling our best, despite our often hectic schedules, we decided to catch up with Steven to find out more about his workout regime.

What’s the vibe at Sirens & Titans Fitness?

The lobby is amazing and reminds me of walking into a luxury hotel or art gallery. Classical music plays in the background, adding to the sophisticated, positive, and friendly atmosphere. I’m handed a fresh towel as I walk towards the workout area and studios—here, the mood takes on a more serious, “let’s get down to business” tone. The blood starts pumping well before the session even starts as the coaches make you feel like a top-notch athlete.

The center is also conveniently located a block away from the Westside Pavilion, which contains high end retail stores, such a Nordstrom’s and Urban Home, as well as great food options.

What amenities do you receive as a member?

S&T takes a holistic approach by emphasizing both fitness and diet. As a member, you receive free nutritional coaching, which definitely helps me stay on track and motivated, accelerating the physical and fitness changes I am working towards. They have a nice changing area and bathrooms, really clean and modern.

How are the trainers?

They watch me like a hawk! Although the format is small group classes (8 max), the coaches train me as an individual, regardless of who else is in the workout and what their fitness background consists of. I can always rely on them to adjust my form or optimize my movement on any exercise, and I also appreciate how the team makes themselves available by phone or email, regardless of my needs.

Tell us about the workout.

Each 30 minute workout has a primary objective (core, strength, endurance, mobility, etc.) that aims to keep your body in constant motion. The coaches provide motivation as you progress through the challenging movements and before you know it, your work is done—very efficient!

When do you find the time?

I generally go in at 6:45 a.m. during the week and 11:15 a.m. on Saturday.

What are your personal fitness goals?

Primarily, I want to lose weight (30+ lbs) and increase lean muscle mass.

After three weeks of being on this program, do you feel a difference?

Definitely. By putting in just 90 minutes of work a week, I have lost weight and considerably increased my strength and fitness. So far, the benefits are doing wonders for my energy levels as I can feel myself blasting through my long days with more vigor and productivity. I am so happy to have started workout out again!

To find out more about the facility, visit their website.