This old, abandoned water tower (built in the late 1930s) is located in the small Flemish town of Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. In a fascinating project, it was recently turned by Bham Design Studio into a modern private residence at the owner’s request. The results are stunning.

The livable rooms are 90 feet above ground and offer spectacular views of the surrounding village. The powder room contains the original steam pipe and pressure valve, turning the entire space into an industrial sculpture. A large circular staircase winds its way to the main living area of the water tower – which features an open, circular floor plan – then continues up a short ways to a landing that doubles as a dropped ceiling over the kitchen.

"Bham Design Studio’s reimagination of the water tower is a great example of adaptive reuse," notes Billy Rose, President of The Agency, "where a structure formerly being used for one purpose is transformed into an extraordinary alternative usage. Not only are the results stunning, but the process is generally more beneficial to our environment and resources."

Talk about getting inventive with an industrial space!

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