As if we needed another reason to chill out, in comes a new wave of craft beverages to Los Angeles, and you won’t be finding them at the brewery.

From notes of tangerine and herbs to chocolate and cinnamon, say hello to cold brewed coffee, a whole new way to get your caffeine fix on the go. Packaged in stylish stubbies, four-packs and even growlers, artisanal coffee shops are offering a chilled alternative for those hot L.A. afternoons.

By way of an extended process that brews cold water and freshly roasted coffee together for several upon several hours, baristas are allowed to extract the rich sweetness of coffee without as much acidity as hot coffee, then bottle it up for us to enjoy. The subsequent concentrate can then either be diluted with water, a splash of cream or milk, or drunk straight on the rocks. Refreshing, energizing, and with a shelf life to boot, consider tucking one away in your cooler for your next camping trip or surfing expedition.

Here’s a list of our favorites, brewed and bottled right here in L.A.:

1. Installation Coffee Company

Their cold brew concentrate is sold by the bottle online. $18.50 for 32 ounce glass bottles, 12-16 servings per bottle; arrives refrigerated. And stay tuned for an event featuring Installation Coffee at The Huxley, the all-inclusive luxury apartment community now leasing at the corner of La Brea and Fountain in West Hollywood.

2. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Chill out with a stylish bottle, growler, or keg of this Portland-born roastery’s house blend. Aside from select specialty grocery stores, your best bet would be to head on over to their Arts District cafe, their first storefront in California, which opened just last September.

806 S. Santa Fe // Los Angeles // 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

3. Groundwork

brewThe brewed goodness at this certified organic roastery is available in singles (about $4) and four-packs (about $14) online, at select Whole Foods markets, as well as at all Groundwork locations, including North Hollywood, Downtown, and Venice. Enjoy poured over ice or straight out of the bottle—they boast a shelf life of 60 days!

4. Secret Squirrel

Each 16 oz bottle of their concentrate can make 6 to 7 8 oz drinks or 4 to 5 12 oz drinks, depending on how strong or mild you prefer your coffee. Find them at various locations across the city, including Republic Of Pie in Hollywood and Two Bits Market in downtown’s Historic Core.