From hosting exclusive branded parties to national television commercials, the architectural homes we have the privilege of representing at The Agency beckon an audience who appreciates the finer things in life. All the more reason for Equinox, a fitness and wellness club with properties both domestic and abroad, to choose one of our stunning Holmby Hills residences as the backdrop for their latest fitness video.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.58.26 PMEntitled “Abs Are In Season”, the beautifully produced segment is the beginning of a brand new partnership between The Agency and the world-class fitness club, with our listings setting the stage for further engaging their members. Personal trainer Aida Palau performs poolside at the home of 438 N. Faring Road, and although it’s difficult to keep your eyes off of her sculpted body, doing so reveals another carefully sculpted entity in the foreground: a modern architectural designed and built by renowned, London-based Quinn Architects and Italy’s Estate Four.

438-N-Faring-011One of the most impressive spec homes to ever hit the market, this Holmby Hills home serves as an inspiration and the ideal setting for self-improvement and discovery. As Palau flows from one movement to the next, viewers can see that the compound’s indoor/outdoor flow is just as effortless, utilizing elements like glass, sliding doors, and clean lines to simplify how one is meant to experience the space. Mature trees and greenery line the private gates that serve to enclose this lush property in Bel Air, one of the most sought-after addresses in the world. The resort-like grounds echo the same level of sophistication and luxurious appeal that Equinox achieves with their own boutique facilities.

This 16,000 sq. ft. home has 3 levels featuring 6 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, a formal dining room, 2 libraries/studios, home theater, catering kitchen, double-height gallery, elevator and wine cellar. The master suite, with its expansive balcony overlooking the pool area and gardens, serves as an invigorating spot to work on your physique.

Additionally, the property boasts a Harley Pasternak-designed fitness center and sunken, astro-turf tennis court with flood lights, just in case you want to give your abs a rest.

Visit the home’s listing page here.

For photos and how-to descriptions of the moves in the video, click here.